Monday, April 11, 2016

Rewards That Aren't Food or Shopping

I crossed paths with this delightful list of rewards that aren't food or shopping, and it inspired me to gather some of my own. I'm a biiiit of a sybarite, so I indulge in wonderful relaxing things as much as possible—proudly. Here's how I reward myself without food or shopping.

  • Weekend recovery sleep. Bonus if I can finagle coffee room service from the hot bellboy. (I can.)
  • Take a long lunch—whether it’s running errands or seeing what's new at Sephora.
  • Sing along to Joni Mitchell’s Blue from start to finish. Cry. Husband is not invited to the party. (Best song)
  • Catch up on blogs and then read the shit talking about said blogs on GOMI.
  • Find books to read and leave blunt (but fair) reviews for ones I hated on Goodreads.
  • Visit someplace new from my list. I’m determined to hit every good museum and garden in the area.
  • Use my very special PTO move: take off Monday and Friday for two instant long weekends.
  • Online window shop, then put anything cute safely into Covvet or add it to one of my many wish lists.
  • Take an extra Bar Method class, because I’ve become a deeply annoying person.
  • Borrow new goodies from the library or wander around the Strand.
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  • Finish an entire series on Netflix or Prime, even if I don’t love it—because finishing is the BEST.
  • Walk instead of taking the subway. Rent a Citibike instead of walking.
  • Spend some QT with my plants—pruning, polishing leaves, fertilizing, singing them lullabies… I have a dumb hippie belief that people should reconnect with their star signs when they get stressed. As a Taurus, I know hanging with a book in full view of my plants calms me down more than anything else. Except Valium. Those work great too.
  • Read a magazine. I get Martha Stewart Living and Bon Appetit, but I’m always game to sneak a gossip rag into the stack.
  • Plan a dream trip—but only the fun parts. Actual mind-bending details, like browsing flights or paying for anything, are horrible.
  • Do an extra-long pamper session. I always make time for my beauty routines—because ACNE!—but as a treat I’ll do a really long facial massage or use a bath bomb while drinking red wine, as God Herself intended.

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