Thursday, July 30, 2015

Meet the Missus

We did it! 

The knot has been tied. The deed is done. The ring is on it, the bride is bedded, the fucking YEAR of planning and stressing and exciting is over. Finally.

It was absolutely wonderful—a dream wedding. Everything went perfectly, even when it didn't. I got to marry my husband (oooh) surrounded by friends and family, only a hefty stone's throw from my home.

And I'm so relieved I never have to plan a wedding again.

We did it at the Greenpoint Loft, which is a stunning, unique venue that also comes with... absolutely zippola inside it. That means vendors. Thinking. Visualizing. Hair tearing. We pulled it off, but now I want to share information I wish we'd had—like a floor plan, for one. I also would love to post more photos of us and me. My dress hunt. Vow (and ceremony) writing. I literally made my own veil, guys.

Tally-ho! The plodding road of life has not ended here: I have a big, bad sabbatical coming up in about oh 6 weeks. You know what that means: Lots! Of! Exclamation! Points! Get comfy.

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