Wednesday, September 10, 2014


Tap tap. Is this thing on? Hello, internet! It is I! I'm back!

Guys, it's been a hell of a year. And look, I feel refreshed and invigorated and I have so much to talk about.

 For one thing, I got engaged. I know!

I think I speak for the two of us when I say we're disgustingly, sickeningly in love and we're very excited. I'm consciously deciding to plight my troth to someone until I DIE. It's crazy. But in a good way.

Who would have thought I'd a) fall in love with someone who b) wants to marry me and c) has ACTUALLY asked me to do so without threats or nagging, and d) allowed us to make plans and have stupid discussions like well, should we have a lounge setup? I feel like we need one but, like, we'll have actual chairs anyway and why should we dish out that much extra for a tatty couch people can sit on for maybe whole MINUTES when we could splash out on the croquembouche? I don't know.

As you'd imagine, I have much to say on the subject of weddings and marriage and wedding planning.

In no particular order, I also:

  • Lost 40 pounds. I did it through sheer willpower (code: Weight Watchers), sweat, tears and a gym whose monthly dues I sometimes bring up in polite company as a party trick. 
  • Got LASIK. Ho boy. This is a story. 
  • Dyed my hair platinum. 
  • Achieved Sephora VIB AGAIN hashtag whoops.
  • Got diagnosed with a... drumroll... wheat allergy! And I'm gluten intolerant, too. That explains a lot.
  • Started playing Dungeons and Dragons, because of course I did. 
  • Took a French class at Coucou Brooklyn. 
  • Saw some amazing theater and shows and movies. 
  • Went to four weddings this summer. I was also the maid of honor at my best friend's wedding and saw my other best friend get engaged and start this madness alongside me. 
  • Helped my parents move from my hometown of Chicago to Boulder, CO. 

And that's just the things that leap out at me right now. So why did I go radio silent? I guess I was just tired of blogs and blogging. I keep up with hundreds of blogs, from the Gawker empire to the Awl and co, to endless personal ones. One-by-one they've all (maybe minus the Awl) gone from honest, unflinching, creative, funny, raw essays and accounts of people's lives to listicles and sponsored, wooden nonsense. I think lifestyle bloggers, in particular, must feel trapped. They turned blogs into businesses, and now they need to keep using their kids and their personal lives to sell, sell, sell.

I mean, I get it! I work in advertising. Maybe that's why I'm sensitive to it? It's just SO EASY to give a blogger money to shill something to thousands of captive readers. And if someone offered me $5k to profess my love for a product I didn't hate, I might take it.

I'm not in that solar system of blogging, durr, but "blogging" as a Thing is just boring and exhausting, so I stopped. After all, I still write everyday at work. I tweet and 'gram and I journal a bit for myself using OhLife. But this year is going to be CRAZY and I want to put it out there, somewhere, without needing it to be funny and snappy (Twitter) or disguising it as a curated caption (Instagram).

 So. That's it, really it. Let's get started, shall we?

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Miss Singer said...

Welcome back and congrats on everything! Looking forward to reading your blog again.

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